Become our Friend

The success of the Lerici Music Festival is due to the dedication of a wonderful team of professionals and volunteers,but also, and above all, thanks to our supporters who have generously supported the event over the years, allowing it to grow into one of the most important and acclaimed festivals internationally. In this way, we have been able to develop both our artistic offerings and our infrastructure.

Your support is therefore important and precious. We invite you to continue supporting us so that we can keep growing and ensure that each edition is magical and extraordinary.


You can support the Festival in many ways, such as sponsoring one or more concerts, or you can be part of a group that sponsors them.

You can become a “Friend of the Festival” by choosing from these five types of donation:

Amico del Festival (first time)
Eur. 150,00

Friend of the Festival
from Eur. 250,00

from Eur. 500,00

from Eur. 1.000,00

from Eur. 2.500,00

To make an ONLINE donation, by entering your chosen type in the reason, you can pay the fee with:

credit card through Paypal

Or by Bank Transfer payable to:

Associazione Suoni dal Golfo
IBAN IT29K062304977200003572221

Italian taxpayer donors are eligible for the Art Bonus program, which allows a 65 percent tax exemption on the donation.

For info please email to:

For citizens and companies from the EuropeanUnion, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the Lerici Music Festival offers, through Transnational Giving Europe, the opportunity to obtain tax deductions in their own country for each donation.

For info please email::

Become our Partner

In just seven years of history, the Lerici Music Festival has already achieved significant results that have led it to become a member of the European Festival Association, gaining an excellent reputation.
We find ourselves in a location, Lerici, which has a growing international tourist appeal. Throughout its history, Lerici has always attracted distinguished figures in the realm of culture and beyond. We invite businesses and companies to join the world of excellence at the Festival, where the greatest musicians in the world and notable figures from the business and cultural sectors come together.
We offer our partners a “tailor-made” entertainment opportunity, customized to suit their clients, members, and guests. We provide a personalized approach that can be tailored to the needs of each partner.

Per info please contact us at: